Core Features


Privacy and compliance are woven into the fabric of our data infrastructure. Here’s how -

SOC2, HIPAA, ENISA compliance

Blotout containers sit inside your cloud premise, enabling you to expand your SOC2, HIPAA, or ENISA compliance with Blotout unlike 3P SaaS companies


Figure: snippet from AWS BAA agreement page

Blotout is happy to sign for a BAA agreement for managing your AWS account. And Blotout uses AWS prescribed software components for you to enable compliance.

Privacy Compliance laws

As laws like GDPR, CPRA, CCPA, etc. start reducing the scope of your data collection, management, and processing. Blotout automatically detects, based on your install, and provides toolkits to resolve for each of your compliance situations.

Privacy Shield

Blotout solves the EU privacy shield by enabling data storage in EU For EU customers. This way all of the EU citizen customer data stays within EU boundaries and does not cross the Atlantic.

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