Core Features

Domain install: On your cloud prem

Unlike traditional SaaS, the Blotout system is deployed in your cloud premise. We can install Blotout in any of the AWS locations and get your data infrastructure running within hours.


Figure: AWS Install regions (Aug, 2021)

We will be adding support for GCP installs by the end of 2021.

What is a domain install?

By the virtue of running your own infrastructure, and mapping it to your CDN, you manage your own customer data. This enables a true data collection, management, and processing facility unlike 3P SaaS platforms like or Matomo.Cloud or Amplitude or Mixpanel that process data on your behalf.

With a domain install, your site or app domain takes on the responsibility of collecting data, and processing data.

The data can he shared, but requires explicit user consent in certain geographies (Example: CPRA law in the state of Ca)

Note: Different geographies have different laws on data processing.

How does a domain install help?

  1. To get the most accurate data, your own domain has to collect data for your customer.
  2. To stay out privacy reports on iOS stores, etc. its best advised that you, as the enterprise control, and process your customers day
  3. To stay out browsers calling use of trackers on your site or app stores calling out use of trackers, its best you capture your own data and process it

As laws and platforms that control access to the internet change, 3P SaaS platforms have become lossy. You can check your own site’ by registering at

Most sites lose anywhere between 30-50% of their users' customer data, even rendering basic metrics like DAU, MAU, and eventually funnels and CAC. These users are private, educated, taking action to prevent you from using 3P SaaS providers.


Figure: HootSuite State of Digital (Users blocking Content and Ads)

With a domain install, you can power your own data collection as part of your site and process as a controller. **Your true source of truth is your own domain install **because ad blockers and laws both support the site to be able to capture and process the data according to laws and won’t be included as a tracker.

iOS & Safari:



Example: Apple iOS15 Privacy Report

With the upgrade to iOS15, there are significant changes coming that educate the user about choices your Enterprise made about sharing data to third parties.

Apple has already defined a tracker list that includes your existing SaaS providers and informs the user periodically beyond the App store on how data is being shared. This creates a ton of brand and trust risk with your consumer.


By using your own domain to collect and process data, you get onside with laws and you get better reports via App Stores and sites that are now keeping tracking of the choices you, as an Enterprise, make.

By collecting and processing your own data as a first party, you can build more trust.

Does Blotout support a data lake or data warehouse structure?

Blotout is flexible, you can choose to build a Customer data lake via choosing a S3 object based storage destination for all of the data during setup.

Alternatively, you can choose to use Redshift or Snowflake and the entire container can operate on your existing warehouse.

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