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Data Governance: Discovery, Policy, and Access Managements

Blotout provides a secondary layer for mid, and large companies that need to ensure they have data governance stack, consent management, and eventually a way to;

  1. See all users - User and Group sync
  2. See all data - Data Discovery
  3. Integrated Consent - See purposes allowed by every users (rights transparency)
  4. Create policies; zero code policy management to manage data access
  5. Limit purpose; create data lakes with purpose managed
  6. Limit sharing; automated consent checks for data sharing
  7. Audit logs; observe how data across the enterprise is used and managed.

Blotout can read the consent string available (if the consent manager is unblocked) and parse it to a metadata object that can be made available.


Text: IAB TCF V1.2 Consent String

Blotout also can take a consent metadata object in its SDK that can be added by the controller to ensure that object is made available to the rights ID (Blotout ID) via ID resolution so it can be applied against the entire lake or warehouse.

Yes. Blotout provides an integrated Consent Manager via a partner. Please email for more information.

Yes. If Blotout provides the integrated Consent Manager, the consent:purpose metadata is made available per user (subject rights) in your own warehouse.

Yes. Blotout is introducing automated server tag management that checks consent by default for every user.

Yes. This object is provided as a json against the subject-id (where the subject was mapped to a Blotout ID)

Does Blotout respect GPC?

Yes. Blotout users are tracked as DNT. Only sessions are recorded with no multi-visit ID.

Does Blotout provide access management tools?

Yes (Q4, 2021). Blotout will provide data governance out of the box for data managed inside of the Blotout container and access management for other Apps outside via API support.

Can I get access logs to who is accessing what tables within my Enterprise and can I integrate that to my SIEM?


Yes. The logs are available in S3 bucket (AWS deployment) or one can subscribe to get raw events made available as a subscription.

Does Blotout provide Privacy Alarm events for resolution?

Not yet. That is on the roadmap for Q1, 2022.

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