Core Features

The managed service option

Finally, for enterprises that want a complete managed service solution that enables delegation of infrastructure, without compromising on compliance or risk management, Blotout provides a managed service option that allows the Enterprise to be in complete control of data but the infrastructure is managed and billed via Blotout.

How does Blotout bill for the managed service?

The managed service has two additional components for billing vs. the self served options;

  1. Infrastructure cost: The cloud billing provides infrastructure cost for running the managed service. Blotout will pass through this charge as is.
  2. Managed Service charge: The managed service charge is to manage and keep infrastructure highly available for the customer

Does the software pricing change for a managed service?

No. The software pricing is no different for managed services vs. self served.

Is my customer data available to Blotout engineers?

No. One has to SSO or login via email to get access too data. Blotout does have access to the infrastructure like any other cloud provider.

Do I need to manage my software upgrades?

No. By the virtue of Blotout managing your infrastructure, Blotout will manage the staging and production environments and provide a full stack in terms of upgrades.

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