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BI and eCharts

With the Blotout store, and a built-in Athena driver, Blotout has integrated native support for Apache Superset - one of the most active BI developments via the Apache project.

With this integration, you do not have to spend expensive dollars on tools like Tableau or Looker to build your dashboards. With the ease of integration of any data to the data lake, turnkey lake and BI is at your fingertips. More critically with the ability to map the user across tables using workflows, a bulk of your infrastructure is ready to use turnkey with Blotout.


Figure: Integrated Dashboard, Query, and Charting system

Finally, Blotout supports eCharts natively, enabling one of the largest open source charting software via the Apache eCharts project.


Figure: eChart Options for customizing queries.

Request any chart from eCharts for use and Blotout will update the container with the chart. All charts are not supported by default to manage storage memory and cost.

These charts can be then used for your specific queries on Superset.

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