Creating Utility

Applications & Workspaces

The core of the Blotout infrastructure is the concept of workspaces or applications. Blotout infrastructure is meant to solve issues across enterprises, and hence each workspace provides a way for the various organizations to solve for their needs.

The core of the applications are four organizations;

  1. Growth Marketing: Currently your marketing data is very lossy and causes incorrect measurements, incorrect attribution and a complete lack of visibility. To put a growth marketing measurement and optimization app, it would require a team of half a dozen engineers, PMs, and a lawyer.
  2. Product Management: Right now, with 3P vendors, the entire Privacy segment has disappeared from your basic analytics. Every day visits, and returning visits are impossible to compute. If you can do basic measurements, how can you offer your users the personalization they require when most of them have disappeared from your view. More critically, do product managers get the full picture; with fragmented data, and data loss combined 3P SaaS has become completely reliable.
  3. Compliance and Legal: Compliance and legal teams are constantly worried if 3P partners are going to spill their customer data, like Solar Winds. This allows compliance and legal teams to feel comfortable that their own devops and security teams have data in their control and have governance tools built in.
  4. Engineering: Engineering teams have enough on their plates to keep the show running. As 3P SaaS breaks, it would be taking to build engineering teams, hire expertise, and bring lawyers together to build a solution. As Apple, Firefox, and Google attack the 3P layers, very much like the privacy laws, Blotout provides tools that reduce the burden on engineering teams to bring data from all aspects of the business and bring it together for analysis.


Figure: Workspaces enabled across Enterprise organizations

Blotout is the only company that turnkeys the entire solution sets with applications while keeping the engineering infrastructure;

  1. Efficient & low cost: with a cloud prem architecture providing a single solution that can replace key 3P SaaS applications, you're paying much less than the cost of using 3P infrastructure.
  2. Zero Code and Zero Experience required: No requirements, like 3P SaaS, for your PMs, Marketers, or Engineers to have experience developing cloud prem solutions. Solutions are built-in and require no coding or Expertise saving millions of dollars every year.
  3. Privacy Compliant: The solution, depending on where the solution is installed, automatically adjusts to local laws. This allows your lawyers to feel relaxed about choices. By the virtue of data being in your control, no hard decisions about security need to be made.
  4. Consented: By virtue of Blotout container residing in your enterprise cloud, it automates the ability to integrate your CMP (or provides a CMP) as part of your structure enabling consent metadata with purpose limitations per user directly to your lake and warehouse.
  5. Auditable: With all of the customer data connected via a common core and consent metadata attached, any access to this data can be monitored easily.
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