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Consent and Rights Management

Blotout is working with to develop the first end to end consent data infrastructure. With the Signatu integration, Blotout can set the Enterprise ID as the default ID for every Subject that the controller supports as a customer.


Figure: Signatu Data Processing Interface

This enables all aspects of the consent and purpose object integrations for controllers and every data processor back to your warehouse.

In Europe, enterprises will have a chance to enable consent based processing for every purpose unless all processing is considered legitimate interest. While in California, a provider, unless managing sensitive data, can continue to process as a controller as long as no personal data is shared or tracked against the user.

With Blotout, besides data minimization and data governance our goal is to focus on integrating consent and purpose to every data discovery table unlike enterprises that are just focusing on pure reduction of data (data minimization) and securing (governance). We believe that the core features in every enterprise should focus on consent orientation for data processing and create complete transparency (trust) for their end customer.

Does Blotout only work with Signatu?

No. Blotout can support any CMP. However, to make the CMP work, there are some integration points.

Blotout collects the consent object via integration (API). This way all of the consent events can be fed in directly. The opt-in and opt-out events are all made available in the warehouse to ensure that enterprises can develop their own workflows.

In 2022, Blotout will provide a complete Subject rights portal that will enable a self-serve interface in the consent widget for every enterprise saving millions in subject transparency and rights management.

Currently, Blotout is integrated at the server end via a webhook and gets real time consent strings. Signatu acts as the source of truth for consent events and Blotout acts as the workflow enabler in the warehouse.

How does Blotout track 3P scripts on my site?

Blotout does not. Signatu does. Signatu provides an event if a new 3P tracker is detected and Blotout captures that to render an alarm.

Via API. There will be an API to access per user information. Consent and purpose data is also made available per table automatically for the enterprise to review as part of the data observability process.

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