Core Features

Domain scripts: Your own SDK

To be able to use your own Domain install, Blotout provides a Blotout domain SDK that enables ID mapping, event collection and then eventually data unification features.

The SDK supports a cookieless environment and cookie environment. The SDK automatically collects system events for well defined platforms like iOS, Android, or the open web and can be configured to collect events from native systems (mac, windows, IOT, etc.)

What platforms does the SDK support?

The SDK documentation is always available and updated. Currently;

  1. Web and React
  2. iOS
  3. Android
  4. C++/Rust for local compilation


Does the SDK work like a tag?

Yes, it does. The SDK operates like a CDP tag that can enable server side functions. The SDK does support the idea of an integrated consent string.

Does the SDK collect system and/or web events?

Yes. See documentation.

Can I map my Enterprise customer.

Yes. You can map your customer-id directly using the SDK.

You can also map any external IDs for 3P SaaS like Stripe, Zendesk, etc. automatically.


Is there a list of custom predefined events for my site or app?

Yes. See documentation for all of the custom events.

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