Key features we’re working on right now

Here are the key features we are working on now so they are delivered over the next 100-120 days.

We are working on ensuring all aspects of consent and the purpose metadata per partner is made available both at the client end (cookie banner) and at the server end (Reverse EL) with ability to create new purposes (via workflows) and subject opt outs.

Developer Feature Flags

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By enabling segmentation and enabling ID management in your warehouse, you can now enable all of your segmented data back to the edge of your device. The feature enables you to personalize your consumer via developer Javascript by segmenting and testing features or leave them permanently on to upgrade a suite of users once feedback normalizes.

The feature flags will also have event feedback loops to test control vs. test.

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Server side Segment Sync: AdTech Purpose

Blotout provides a comprehensive 1P AdTech application. With Blotout you can already use the SDK to generate a 1P ID per partner that is not trackable via the SDK (JS or iOS or Android).

However, the server side looks at the consent aspect and decides if the IDs can be mapped back to the provider. If the user opts out, the entire ID chain is killed, even as opt outs are sent back to the partners.

This allows sites and apps never to have to worry about consent, ID management, 1P segmentation. Blotout supports most of the well established ad servers including Smart Ad Server and Google Ad Manager.

This feature is already available to a few customers if you want case studies. Email us at if you want access to current implementations.

Email us at if you want to understand how Blotout outperforms Permutive across the board on all use cases via a cloud prem server architecture that you own and control and is fully auditable and consented.

Server side Pixel Queue: (Re) Marketing Purpose

Blotout is introducing server side pixels via support APIs from Facebook, and other providers. With a server side pixel, Blotout automatically checks for consent and enables complete pixel funnels via server reducing friction with the browsers, and app stores of the world, while ensuring you remain privacy compliant.

Email us at to learn more about this feature slated for Q4, 2021.

Server side Segment Sync: Marketing Purpose

This feature enables product managers to build incremental outreach segments to any of their customer remarketing and lifecycle engines. The segment sync feature is consent checked to ensure that data is only shared if the customer is opted in or the enterprise treats this as a legitimate interest.

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Server side Audience Manager: Marketing Purpose

This feature focuses on machine learning that automatically detects the best consented user segments that can be synced with partners like Facebook for lookalike audiences or surveys for NPS score checks.

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