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Persona, Identity, Traits and Cloud CRM

The persona, Identity, and/or traits object is a Cloud CRM table that can be populated via the SDK or can be added via EL + T at the server end.


The Blotout SDK, like any traditional CDP, supports the idea of an identity, traits object that can be set via any of the IDs.

When one of the end points, JS or Apps, sets the Identity/Personal object, it will make the persona available to any other end point if they are united.


Figure: Persona Event SDK documentation

Meanwhile, the same functionality is available via EL + T from any provider. This allows an aggregated CRM, Persona, Traits view for the user.


Figure: Final step adding Graph ID and CRM data via Server workflows

The Cloud CRM tables are available for any of the charts or cohorts to segment against; this enables the PM to be able to segment against any cross sectional segments across data sources without writing a line of code at their end or opening tickets for engineers.

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